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ColdKit presents its newest products at HOST 2011

ColdKit - HOST 2011

This 2011 year has been especially important for ColdKit, since the effort of research and development of solutions for certain sectors had to be shown to the general public. Therefore, in this past edition of HOST Milano, ColdKit presented the new models of the Araya multipurpose refrigerated cabinets which come along with till counter, or the newest refrigerated wall cabinet for supermarkets.

All shown together with our traditional but yet innovative Matrix range of cold rooms, which continue in full development due to their complete modularity and wide variety of options. This time the version presented was the Matrix Expo, a cold room with a front full of glass doors for an easy presentation and selection of food products in petrol stations, supermarkets or any other premises in need of well presented refrigerated food.

There was also available at the exhibition an Isark, ColdKit´s solution for those small premises which do not want to give up the best refrigeration for their food products, and need a complete solution including modular shelving and the refrigeration equipment.

Yet another launch was reserved for patisseries or bakeries, and that was the stand alone Calabria patisserie cabinet. These cabinets are specially designed for pattiseries, and are available in neutral, hot and refrigerated temperatures, this last ones being able to have rear or front access for self-service purposes.

For those premises requiring more elements with different functionalities, and thanks to the modularity of ColdKit´s products, we presented at HOST a full set of counters and refrigerated cabinets including Saona line and Calabria line. This set allows having different areas (self-service, usual business…) within the same set.

Along with these ranges, we had also our line of stainless steel furniture and an Alyat self-service line finished in Compact Stone for a long lasting use in high-end installations.

Again we would like to thank all our friends and visitors who came in to our stand at HOST for making our participation a huge success.

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