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The Purever Group’s flagship brand in the Host Milan

After ColdKit’s participation in Host Milan 2009, the brand will be present again in the Host Fair to be held from 21st to 25th October 2011 in Milan.

The Fair will gather 1,445 exhibitors from 40 countries around the world, presenting an attendance’s increase of 10% comparing to the last edition. The fair is organized every 2 years for hospitality professionals and this year it will host 125,000 professionals of which 33,000 are foreigners from 141 different countries.

Host is one of the most important B2B events in the hospitality industry and ColdKit could not miss it with a spectacular stand where it’s going to display complete information about its products. ColdKit will highlight with the launch of the new display cabinet Calabria, the new version of the display cabinet Araya and the dairy multideck Aruba. Furthermore, ColdKit will be able to share with the visitors the updates to its extensive product range, representing the hard work of its R&D department. It complements the company’s range of autonomous display cabinets, demonstrating its capacity for constant innovation and concern for the needs of its customers.

Host is a meeting point between business actors, providing positioning, brand awareness, sharing market innovations and exchanging experiences with several stakeholders.

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