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ColdKit and Angelo Po sponsor the Chef Vitor Sobral

The renowned Portuguese Chef Vítor Sobral has opened his own school in a partnership with ColdKit and Angelo Po. It’s a win-win relationship: on one hand, the brands guarantee the best products of its sector concerning the quality and development of Chef’s work; on the other hand, Vítor Sobral is associated with the leading brands, sharing among all the relevance and the status.

The Chef Vítor Sobral stands out for his ability to modernize the traditional Portuguese dishes, respecting the flavours and the typical products. His constant innovation and quality recognized in an international environment have generated the conditions to open this school with courses, consulting and services within the catering.

With an extensive experience, Vítor Sobral is currently a gastronomic consultant in recognized institutions such as TAP, Azeite Oliveira da Serra and Casino Estoril Group. He had previously worked for brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Pingo Doce and Portugalia Group. He worked in several restaurants and in many others continues with his work. The Chef also had a significant international presence throughout his brilliant career, participating in events in Brazil, Canada, Macau and Guinea.

ColdKit offers high quality products, which leads it to seek identification with elements that may constitute a mean of communication in the market. Sponsoring a personality like Vítor Sobral is very enriching as it allows associating the brand with the Chef’s glamour and personality. For more information about the courses and consulting, visit