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Bar counters and display cabinets Nassau


Nassau is a range of refrigerated and neutral bars and cabinets. It was specially designed for pastry shops and bakeries which, in addition to a wide product visibility, also need an auxiliary space to offer additional services (such as a café or bar).


Nassau’s classic lines provide large display cabinets which allow a large surface exposure of the products in multiple levels.

These are some of the general features of the display cabinets:

  • Totally modular.
  • Refrigerated corner displays.
  • Stainless steel display deck (AISI304).
  • Interiors made of stainless steel (AISI304).
  • Tropicalized refrigeration units.
  • Condensation resistance to prevent condensation on the front glass.
  • CFC free polyurethane injected insulation.
  • Optional rear acrylic doors.
  • Next generation electronic ballast lighting.
  • Curved front glass with secure elevating hydraulic pistons.
  • Refrigerated counters with ventilated reservations (GN 1/1).
  • Neutral angular furniture available.
  • Hydraulic front windows to ensure total hygiene, incorporating resistance to prevent condensation. The bars have Gastronorm reserve which enables storage space optimisation.

With a series of display cabinets specially designed for bakeries, all the products in Nassau collection can be combined with bread wall displays for optimal presentation of different varieties of bread.

The fully modular nature of these cabinets completes with bars (two levels available) and angle elements, adaptable to any configuration.

Maximum hygiene, best quality of materials, complete visibility, total modularity, wide variety of equipment and multiple decorations make Nassau the optimal solution to equip patisseries, bakeries and pastries.

The versatility of Nassau allows its use in custom projects.


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 Nassau Technical Features


The Nassau sets of bar counters and refrigerated display cabinets have several standard decorations, with various colors, woods and moldings available, as shown below.

Furthermore, they can also be customized with moldings, colors or vinyl according to your business brand or decorative presentation. If you wish to customize these different elements to suit your business decoration, contact us and send us information about your project.