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ColdKit invests again in Angola with FILDA 2011 – International Fair of Luanda

The 28th edition of the Luanda International Fair will take place at the FIL, Catete Road Luanda, from the 19th until the 24th July. This year the subject is “The challenges of the attractive investment: strategy, legislation, institutions, infrastructure and human resources.”

ColdKit will be represented by a stand where the visitors will have the opportunity to know some of the best products in the Horeca sector: kitchen equipment, stainless steel furniture, refrigerators fully equipped with shelves and compressor group, bakery display cases, versatile showcases and self-service equipment.

The fair is Multisector, ensuring an interesting exchange of information between different markets and business sectors. The guest country of FILDA 2011 is Brazil, allowing a cultural exchange in a framework of growth and development for this country um the world’s economy.