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ColdKit will join the trade show at FACIM, Maputo’s International Fair between 29th August and 4th September

The 47th Edition of the Maputo’s International Fair starts next 29th August and will take place at Marracuene, Maputo. Space will feature a giant tent, with two 2,000 m2, four averages with 1,200 m2 and catering for a seventh.

ColdKit will be represented by a stand where there will be exhibit the products of the Horeca sector. ColdKit will place products to its visitors such as kitchen equipment, stainless steel furniture, refrigerators fully equipped with shelves and compressor group, bakery display cases, showcases and versatile self-service equipment.

In its origin, FACIM’s meaning is Mozambique’s Agrofood, Trade and Industry Fair. This is an annual fair that unites producers, sellers, investors, importers, exporters and buyers. Its main objective is to promote trade and exchanges, the production and the consumption, but above all to develop Mozambique’s economic integration into the global economy. In 2009 featured 810 exhibitors, who used FACIM as a platform for presenting their products and services. A turnout of 53,294 visitors looked for information about innovation and new developments in their respective businesses.