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Marta Sales, Logistics Responsible at ColdKit, participates in the Logistics & Supply Chain Meeting 2011 to take place in Lisbon

The Logistics & Supply Chain Meeting is an unprecedented event in Portugal, dedicated to the field of Logistics and Supply Chain, to be held in a 100% logistical environment and aimed at all professionals working in the areas of logistics, shipping and storage.

This year the meeting has five events taking place simultaneously in a logistics platform. In the area called “Think Logistics” visitors can attend a series of conferences about supply chain & logistics.

Marta Sales, Logistics Responsible of ColdKit, participates in the session entitled “Reaching the highest level of performance through collaboration in the supply chain”, in which explains the changes made ​​in the structure of supply chain of ColdKit for an optimization of deliveries.

This meeting will be held on 28 and 29 June in Povoa de Santa Iria, 20km away from Lisbon.