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ColdKit highlighted at Alimentaria & Horexpo Lisboa due to the showcooking by Vitor Sobral

ColdKit participated in Alimentaria&Horexpo 2011 between March 27th and 30th, a trade fair aimed to attract professionals in the distribution channel for food and beverage, foodservice channel and the food industry and food technology. Alimentaria and Horexpo joined forces and this year exceeded all expectations of the organization, only the first day the show received 7,500 visitors.

The event took place at the Lisbon International Fair (FIL) and was inaugurated by the Minister of Agriculture, D. António Serrano. ColdKit exclusively presented some of the innovations in the sector, including with special emphasis the Calabria cabinet, Corsica bar sets and cabinets, Mikonos backcounters and the Araya showcase.

Another novelty of the Purever Group’s participation at the fair came through the agreement with the Italian manufacturer of ovens and stoves Angelo Po, which presented in an exclusively area the highest-end products of the sector, especially highlighting the oven FX. This multifunction oven surprised the guests who enjoyed the daily showcookings by the renowned Chef Vitor Sobral.

Stand Alimentaria
Sobral Alimentaria

The chef, known for his revision of traditional Portuguese cuisine, presented to a restricted group of 10 people advice on how to get the most out of a professional oven, adapted to the needs of every business and taking advantage of some of its main advantages over another: low-temperature cooking, pasteurization and smoked.

The showcooking attracted the attention of more than 120 people, including businessmen and technicians, who, previously marked the assistance, wanted to know more. It is noteworthy that all the equipment to be installed in the new Vitor Sobral´s Catering School will be from ColdKit and Angelo Po.

Participation in international fairs such as Alimentaria&Horexpo has emerged as a decisive factor for ColdKit, and it is one more step in the internationalization strategy of the brand. Participating in these events allows us to be closer to our customers, getting us to know at first hand what they demand and demonstrate in practice how we can meet their needs.

Clic here for more images of ColdKit´s spaces at Alimentaria&Horexpo.