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ColdKit supports young entrepeneurs

PolicasulosAfter sponsoring EuroSkills Lisbon 2010 by offering 17 professional kitchens, ColdKit continues its mission to support training and initiatives of young entrepreneurs.

Thus, the European brand is currently supporting the project “Policasulos”, initiative undertaken by the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, which has been an initiative to combat unemployment. This support is reflected in the provision of panels that do allow the divisions in the former classrooms of this institution, so students are able to stat-up their projects.

“Policasulos” project arise due to lack of opportunities in the region of Guarda (Portugal) added to the current economic situation, making increasingly relevant the entrepreneurship. The project consists of business incubators located in former classrooms now equipped with furniture and equipment that lets them install entrepreneurial teams of students and faculty who wish to start their business.

With this initiative, ColdKit continues its commitment to training and supporting entrepreneurship initiatives aimed at the development and the increase of employment levels.