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Euroskills Lisboa 2010 sponsored by ColdKit


ColdKit, Iberian leader in the manufacture of professional technical solutions for the Foodservice and catering sector, and the agro-food market was present in the largest European event of 2010 on professional training, Euroskills, held in Lisbon on December 9-11.

The Iberian company, part of Purever Group, was present at the European skills competition supporting the event with the best catering facilities (up to 19 professional kitchens) for youth participants to demonstrate their professional skills.ColdKit has participated in several categories, such as Production, Engineering and Technology, Construction and Public Works.

In ColdKit consider very important the presence of our brand in a competition asprestigious as Euroskills. We’re talking with future professionals and the markets we serve and want to know what are the best tools, best products and service levels in each market.

We believe it is the duty of corporations to invest in new talent nationally and internationally. Our contribution has been in this regard, and that is why we offer our products to all participants in this competition for giving the best of themselves.

The following link will bring you to an image presentation of the event, click here.