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ColdKit consolidates its leadership at Hostelco 2010

The 2010 edition of Hostelco has served to strengthen ColdKit´s leadership within the catering sector.

ColdKit_HostelcoWith the widest range in products for the hospitality industry and catering, ColdKit presented in Barcelona its innovative line of display cabinets (Saona, Nassau and Bali) and Self Service Alyat, committed to reducing energy consumption as well as to provide innovative decorations including compact stones and stronger and more appealing materials for customizing sets of bars and displays.

In addition, we presented a Matrix modular cold room with glass doors for exhibitions purposes, one of the most popular ColdKit products result of its modularity and convenience for businesses with a wide variety of products that need to be refrigerated while presented to public view.

We took this opportunity to present new elements of our Linx neutral furniture line that complete the wide range of products for professional kitchens ColdKit.

The public response was excellent and we have to thank all visitors we receive, hoping that the welcoming and treatment would exceed your expectations.

No doubt we are going through a difficult time, a situation complicated in international markets that is no strange to us, yet it is in these situations where large companies should step up and focus on quality, service and innovation.

Only then we can continue growing and gaining satisfied customers.

Follow this link and you will find some pictures of our participation in Hostelco 2010, click here.