ColdKit is part of the Purever Group, manufacturer of a wide range of products relating to insulation and refrigeration. Purever is currently present in more than 20 countries over the 5 continents.


Purever Group has been a pioneer in investment for the development of policies and processes for the compliance with the Kyoto protocol. This translates into specific directives and qualifications of personnel in environmental issues for the adequate handling of waste in our factories, as well as investment in non-contaminating productions processes. In matters of energy, we have re-designed our workplaces to make them more energetically efficient; we are concerned about the transportation of our products and raw materials, which is why we optimise both loads and routes to minimise CO2 emissions.

Environmental responsibility is no longer just a corporate image strategy. Today, it is as important as other financial-social matters when it comes to evaluating the results and position of a company within the marketplace. Friemo contributes towards sustainable development and recognises that this generates the confidence of clients, markets and society in general. This is why Friemo continually seeks to improve its processes, and seeks ways to make economic development and protection of the environment compatible, and invest in eco-efficiency as a means of getting ahead in a globalised and competitive market. As a result, Friemo is in the process of obtaining ISO 14000 Certification. To do so, it has developed significant work in the field of R+D, as well as a relevant investment in non-contaminating technologies, which permits its compliance with the Kyoto protocol.

Friemo is aware of the importance of complying with regulations, increasingly strict in environmental and sustainability matters, as companies who do not adapt to them will not be able to continue in the marketplace.