ColdKit Products

Today, ColdKit is consolidated as a leading company in the sector, where it is noted for its COMMITMENT TO ITS CLIENTS, TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND DESIGN.

Refrigerated display cabinets and bars

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Nassau collection

Bali collection

Saona collection

ColdKit range of display equipments offers a wide range of solutions for any Bakery, pastry, Bar or Coffee shop, wine bar or restaurant.

The pleasure of furnishing with a technological advanced and design product. A wide selection of refrigerated and ambient display cases, combined with bar and counter modules that are suitable for any kind of business.

Young design, roominess and valuable materials with a contemporary and modern look.

The ColdKit series of hotel and catering equipment offers a wide range of solutions for professional kitchens, catering venues (bakeries, cafeterias, pastries…) and self-service.

This family of products was planned to offer exceptional behaviour, from its conception to its production, in which only high quality, highly resistant and strong materials were used.